Educational tour USA: Program at Gulf of Mexico

Excellent program: visit to the Tampa General Hospital

As the Swiss/German healthcare leaders group we will visit the Tampa General Hospital on the Gulf of Mexico during the 2017 healthcare management educational tour USA. Program of this exclusive visit:

Date: Friday, February 17th 2017
Location: Tampa General Hospital
Time: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Health-IT Strategies & Reality

Exchange of views and experiences about using of Health IT in Tampa General Hospital (TGH) as well as in Swiss and German hospitals. What can the swissig group learn from TGH, how is the situation in Switzerland and Germany?

  • IT strategy and current trends of Health IT in USA and Switzerland / Germany => Are the aspired goals the same or different?
  • Health Information Exchange and using of Medical Networks => e.g. role of interoperability in health care systems
  • Patient Engagement => EMR/EHR & Meaningful use, patients access to EMR/EHR, role of mobility, benefit for Consumer Health
  • Pay for quality / pay for performance => which experience has the TGH?


  • 10:00 Welcome and Introductions
  • 10:15 Overview about TGH and its IT systems [Name]
  • 10:40 IT strategy and current trends of Health IT in USA
  • 11:00 IT strategy and current trends of Health IT Switzerland and Germany
  • 11:20 Discussion
  • 11:40 HIE (intern/extern) and using Regional Medical Networks of TGH Statement: TGH
  • Statement: swissig, interactive discussion
  • 12:15 Patient Engagement
    What can Switzerland and Germany learn from the US? Which experience has the TGH with Patient Engagement? How is the current situation in Switzerland and Germany? Statement: TGH, statement: swissig
    Interactive discussion
  • 13:00 Lunch break
  • 13:30 Pay for quality / pay for performance
    Which experience has the TGH? TGH
    Interactive discussion
  • 14:00 Hospital tour and end user observation/interaction
  • 15:00 Final discussion and evaluations
  • 15:30 Closing remarks and saying goodbye

At TGH, the following senior IT leaders are aligned to attend the day

  • Scott Arnold Senior Vice President and CIO
  • Peter Chang (MD), Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO)
  • Brian Hammond, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Lisa Roth, RN, Director, Clinical Informatics
  • Gary Calhoun, Director, Infrastructure
  • Ravi Chilikatil, Director, Technolgy and Integration
  • Jason Powell, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)